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Teddy-Talks was created in an effort to promote employee engagement and allow access to resources and training videos for Smile America Partners, Inc. 

First named "Teddy Tooth Talks" by the organization's leadership team, I convinced the team to secure...

One salon manager's request for a "charming yet sophisticated" bio for her new role in downtown Miami.

Another, a photographer's bio for an "About Author" section of a published book. (Like e e cummings, she often does not capitalize the first letter in her name.)...

Press release for Wrinkles Wallace, Knights of Night School by Marquin Parks. Published by Meridia Publishers, 2012. 

Assisted in writing book trailer script for paranormal thriller, "Devil's Eye", 2011.

Produced demo video for Cengage Learning, promoting its brand's "Opposing Viewpoints in Context" (OVIC) software features, 2017

Published in Teacher Education Handbook: "How the Brain Learns", 2010

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